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After graduating in Audiovisual Communication with a postgraduate in Graphic Design applied to Communication, Jose Antonio Roda moves to Madrid in early 2013, where he slowly regains his drawing habit, making it his way of life. The simplicity of forms and strokes, primary colors and a friendly tone are the most distinctive features of his work, which revolves around portraiture almost in its entirity. Roda gives birth to his creations by hand, digitally, through paint, with cardboard, ceramics, wood or fabrics, procuring playfullness and fun, both throughout his work process and as a final result, regardless of technique or means used.

Ana Rocha: Who are you?  
Jose Antonio Roda: I was born in Cornellà de Llobregat, Barcelona, in 1987. I graduated in Audiovisual Communication with a postgraduate in Graphic Design applied to Communication. 
A.R.: Is Jose A Roda a persona or an autobiographical artist? 
J.A.R.: I'm just myself which is already hard enough to achieve nowadays.
A.R.: What message does your work try to convey? What is the concept behind it? And what is it’s meaning? 
J.A.R.: What I'm trying to do with my work is making daily things easier, funnier and nicer. There is no deeper message or purpose. 
A.R.: What do you do, exactly, professionally? Are you a freelancer, do you work for a company or you just produce material for exhibitions? 
J.A.R.: I work as a freelancer for myself. I basically draw all day, and accept commissions for which I get payed (personal or from brands), and I live solely on my art. 
A.R.: You have a significant number of followers on Facebook and Instagram. Was that planned – did you work for it – or it kind of happened when you weren’t expecting it? 
J.A.R.: My only plan was to never stop drawing, so the rest just happened by itself. I simply try to be nice and respond to any audience who is paying attention to what I do, because I think it's part of my job.

A.R.: What role do you think art – and artists – play in the world today? How do you see yourself around that question? 
J.A.R.: I personally think what you can ask from an artist nowadays is for him to be true and stay honest to who he is and what he is doing. Not to lie, there are other jobs for this. 
A.R.: Porto shares a story with you now. Is it the first time you are in here? How did it happen to have the opportunity to exhibit your work? 
J.A.R.: It's the second time I visit Porto, I really love this city and Portugal. I am a big huge of Ó! Galeria and was very happy, honored and excited when they wrote me and asked me to present my illustrations there. Bless social media for this.  
A.R.: What action would you like the readers to take? 
J.A.R.: Enjoy my exhibition, share it would those who might enjoy it and come and say Hi. You can also find me on Instagram, Facebook and Bigcartel.

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